Poolside Redevelopment

Poolside Redevelopment Project – Silom Wing

Redevelopment of the Silom Road end of Poolside of the British Club was agreed by the Members at the AGM in 2014. However, designs presented at successive EGMs in 2014 and 2015 failed to get approval mainly because it was felt that design options had not been adequately explored and not enough consideration had been given to possible future developments.

During 2016 four Architectural firms were invited to participate in a design competition. Their four Concept Designs were posted on the Club website, displayed at the poolside, evaluated by a technical team and feedback was invited from staff and Members, including at an Open Forum. Architects Chapman Taylor’s concept was the clear favourite and in September they were commissioned to develop their design in detail, taking into account feedback received. The design has now been developed which envisages the eventual replacement of all of the existing buildings and structures other than, for now, the main swimming pool itself.

The Silom Wing of the development will be presented for Member approval at an EGM on 31st January 2017. Chapman Taylor’s final design is presented below, together with a short animation illustrating their vision for future.

This website contains the EGM Calling Papers, detailed architectural/ engineering drawings, timeline, cost and cash-flow summaries as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). The original design brief, the four concept designs received and their evaluation are also presented for completeness.

Dowload the Architectural Design Development Booklet