EGM Calling Notice

6th January 2017

To: All Ordinary and Country Members

(& Honorary Members who were previously Ordinary or Country Members for 20 years or longer)

 Dear Member,

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) – 7.00pm Tuesday, 31st January 2017

In accordance with Rule 25, the General Committee hereby calls an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held in the Suriwongse Room at the British Club, 189 Suriwongse Road, at 7.00pm, Tuesday 31st January to consider the Motion attached to this Calling Notice and explained in the Rationale.

 EGM Agenda

  1. Welcome, confirmation of quorum, introductory remarks: Chairman
  2. Presentation of Architectural Design Development for Redevelopment of British Club Poolside followed by questions/ discussion: Representatives of Chapman Taylor

(Chapman Taylor representatives will leave after this agenda item)

  1. Presentation and debate on the Motion: Poolside Development Sub-committee Members
  2. Vote on the Motion
  3. Close

Please Note:

  1. Under Rule 74(d) no Member whose account is over two weeks in arrears may attend or vote at any meeting of the Club.
  1. Under Rule 25 an EGM is called to conduct only the business of the proposed agenda. There can be no ‘Any Other Business’.
  1. Rule 28 allows members to transfer their voting rights to a proxy, either:

a) A Directed Proxy by which the Member votes on the Motion as desired in advance of the EGM. Directed Proxies must be received by 9.00am on Tuesday 31st January


b) A Discretionary Proxy in which the Member delegates voting power to an appointed Proxy Holder who may vote as s/he sees fit. Discretionary Proxies are limited to one per holder.

  1. Under Rule 29 Members may transfer their voting rights to their spouse/ partner (provided they are paying Family Membership subscription rates and the spouse/ partner is eligible for Ordinary or Country Membership in their own right). An Application for spouse to represent a Member Form is available on request and must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting

Dr. Chris Stanford

Honorary Secretary

Enclosures: The Motion, The Rationale, Floor Plans and Perspective Drawings, Directed Proxy Form, Discretionary Proxy Form, Application to transfer vote to Spouse.

Agenda Item #4: General Committee Motion 

Approval is given for the General Committee to proceed to construct the Silom Wing of the Architectural Design Development prepared by architects Chapman Taylor for redevelopment of the British Club Poolside within  a budget of Baht 29 million to be financed from existing Club funds. This Motion will supersede all previous General Meeting approvals regarding the Poolside Redevelopment. 

 Rationale for the Motion

 Background: The British Club Swimming Pool, Suriwongse Sala and two squash courts were built in the 1960s and a third squash court, the Silom Sala, the kiddies pool and staff house were added in the early 1980s/90s. Whilst various upgrades have been undertaken, all of these facilities have become very ‘tired’, especially young families amenities at the Silom Road end. At the 2014 AGM, Members agreed to redevelop this area and schemes were presented at EGMs in 2014 and 2015. Whilst agreed in principle they were not approved mainly because it was felt that design options had not been adequately explored and there was inadequate provision for future development.

In 2016, four Architectural firms were invited to participate in a design competition to provide all of the facilities under previous consideration but with a specific brief to consider scope for future development beyond the Silom Sala area. The four Concept Designs were posted on the Club website, displayed at the poolside, evaluated by a technical team and feedback was invited from staff and Members including at an Open Forum. Architects Chapman Taylor’s concept was the clear favourite and in September they were commissioned to develop their design in detail, taking into account feedback received.  A wide range of experts was involved throughout the process to ensure a high level of professionalism and an independent Quantity Surveyor was engaged to rigorously cost the project.

Vision:  The current Poolside facilities are out-dated and becoming increasingly less appealing to Members and potential Members with the rapid growth of quality alternatives in condominiums, hotels and other clubs. Club Membership is aging and the vision presented to the architects was to create an attractive integrated environment for families and sports enthusiasts to complement the traditional bar, dining, meeting and entertainment venues in our classic Club House. The competition called for a relevant social hub for today’s millennial audience aimed at Families, Mothers with young children, Health and fitness Devotees, Squash and other Sports enthusiasts.

Award winning Architects Chapman Taylor produced an exciting and bold design. It celebrates the fact that the Club has many constituents as its Members and to survive needs to cater for all, not just be a gentlemen’s club for an age when ‘Britannia Ruled the Waves’. The design allows the Club to embrace today’s new ‘Cool Britannia’. The Chapman Taylor design puts the Club on the path to offering two wonderfully complementary environments for Members to enjoy, providing multiple facets and settings to compete for Members’ patronage in the reality of today’s modern Bangkok.

The Silom Wing: The Silom Wing development will involve the demolition of all existing structures south of Squash Court #1 including the other two squash courts, Silom Sala, staff house, the kiddies’ pool and playground. The whole area of 560 m2 will be lifted to the same level as the main pool surround and new facilities constructed will include a two-storey building along the Narai Hotel boundary housing downstairs an air-conditioned young family area with crèche, boys and girls toilets and a games room, and provision upstairs for fitting out later to relocate offices from the Club House and provide an interactive lounge. Outside the young family room will be a new kiddies pool, playground and climbing wall with child-friendly surfaces, and there will be a shaded, landscaped family eating area where the current Silom Sala stands. Two new glass-back squash courts with viewing area will replace Court #s 2&3. The Pavilion Café will be closed and the building refurbished to accommodate the Staff house facilities.

Budget: The Silom Wing development has been fully costed within a budget of baht 29 Million, including all construction, professional fees  (project management, architecture, interior design, structural, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and quantity surveying) and contingency.

Construction:                     Baht 24.10 million

Professional Fees:           Baht   3.57 million

Contingency:                     Baht   1.20 million

Total = Baht 28.87 million (All costs exclude VAT, as the Club is able to reclaim this)

 Timeframe: Actual construction of the new facilities will take approximately eight months but up to five months will be required to complete the detailed design, obtain the necessary permits, tender and appoint contractors, and demolish existing facilities. If the project is approved on 31st January, the target date for completion is 1st March 2018.

Funding: Funds have been accumulated in recent years in anticipation of this development and the Club is in good financial health. A multi-year budget has been developed together with Management, approved by the Finance sub-committee, and reviewed by the Audit Committee. The development will be funded from existing cash reserves, reducing funds totalling around baht 43 million at the outset to around baht 27 million on completion. Projections assume normal on-going cash generation from Club operations but allows for closure of the Pavilion café. During the construction the kiddies pool, Silom Sala and Squash Courts 2&3 will be closed, but revenue loss is projected to be modest because Squash Court 1 will continue in action and the other facilities currently contribute only around 10% of poolside revenues. Temporary facilities will be provided during construction for young families, including an inflatable pool.

Future Poolside Developments: On completion, the Silom Wing will provide most of the facilities considered in earlier proposals plus some that were not. The full Chapman Taylor design however covers complete refurbishment of all of the remaining poolside buildings. The Poolside Building Development  (Squash Court 1, kitchen, fitness centre & changing rooms) would use existing structures to provide a state of the art new fitness centre upstairs overlooking the pool with a connecting exercise studio for aerobics, judo, Pilates etc. The changing rooms would more conveniently be moved downstairs, the kitchen would be relocated and space provided for towel service, court bookings and purpose built massage rooms. Finally the Suriwongse Sala would be rebuilt as a two-storey structure with a sports bar on the second floor overlooking both the tennis courts and the swimming pool. Disabled access would be provided to the poolside area including a lift to the second floor.

These further developments have also been designed and fully costed at about baht 23 million. When progress and the impact of the Silom Wing are assessed it will also be possible to bring these projects forward for consideration of the Membership. Current projections suggest that if revenue forecasts are achieved it may be possible to complete these projects over the following one or two years, meaning that the entire Chapman Taylor Poolside Development scheme could be realised before the end of the decade.

Vote Yes: The General Committee urges Members to vote YES to this motion. The Silom Wing Development is an exciting project which will revitalise a shabby and underused area of the Club and attract younger Members. It is part of a longer-term vision to completely re-vamp the whole poolside area making it a truly leading family and sports centre for the 21st Century.

Included with the Calling Papers are the basic floor plans and selected perspective drawings. Full design details together with cost and revenue projections are available on the Club Website and any questions are welcome in advance of the meeting. All Ordinary and Country members are encouraged to attend or vote by Proxy.


EGM Calling Notice